trang chủ bk8官网Hà Nội develops free-range chicken farming

trang chủ bk8官网Hà Nội develops free-range chicken farming

发布者:牵寄真 发布时间: 2024-03-20

Hà Nội develops free-range chicken farming

HÀ NỘI — A model of raising free-range chickens has been introduced by the Hà Nội Agricultural Promotion Centre (HAPC), ensuring biosecurity, quality products and high economic efficiency. 

In recent years, Chương Mỹ, Quốc Oai, Thanh Oai districts and Sơn Tây Town have been developing a free-range style of raising chickens.

To help farmers achieve high efficiency, the HAPC model uses herbs to raise chickens in the garden, improving biosecurity. The model is being trialled in some localities.

In Sơn Tây Town, the model was deployed last year in Đường Lâm Co妹妹une and Phú Thịnh Ward, with  一0,000 chickens across  一0 households.

As one of the participants in the model, Phan Thanh Phương from Đường Lâm Co妹妹une said that the free-range chicken farming model supplemented with herbs helps detoxify livers, improving resistance and limiting the use of antibiotics in the process of raising chickens and improving product quality.

His family's Mía chickens are a local speciality, thanks to good breeding techniques. This not only contributes to preserving and breeding the Mía chicken brand in Sơn Tây, but also helps farmers earn a better income.

Hà Nội develops free-range chicken farming

In Quốc Oai District, the model was deployed in Đông Yên and Phú Cát co妹妹unes.

Households participating in the model were also supported by the HAPC, who cover  五0 per cent of the costs for breeders and feed. The remaining  五0 per cent of the costs are paid by the households themselves.

Before supplying breeders, the Quốc Oai Agricultural Promotion Centre trained households on how to use herbs in raising free-range chickens towards the direction of biosecurity.

Hà Nội develops free-range chicken farming

The centre regularly appoints staff to closely follow and guide households in techniques of brooding, care and disease prevention with herbs for chickens.

The model has shown clear results and all of the households will continue to apply this method in raising the next generation.