The Franklin Electric share new single, “Are We Together Now”

Montreal Alt-Pop-Rock band The Franklin Electric is sharing a new track, “Are We Together Now”, the first of a series of new singles after their latest critically acclaimed album “Blue Ceilings”.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Matte is the focal point of the group, with a cast of musicians that include Martin Desrosby (bass), Adam Passalacqua (drums) and Ken Pressé (guitar). Critics and fans have responded to Matte’s unique voice and his intuitive, compelling songwriting, but also to the singular, standout sound of an instrument still uncommon in pop: the trumpet. “The horn’s always going to be a secret weapon,” Matte says, smiling. “Something I can pull out and people go ‘What the fuck?’ To me it’s always been an anthemic instrument – it’s a battle call.”

“Are We Together Now” describes a disconnection from each other and mainly ourselves, or as Matte would better describe it: “Social media culture sells ideals & dreams while mental health issues are drastically on the rise. We are too busy chasing a false sense of satisfaction and feeding that emptiness. After seeing myself venture down this shallow road of quick thrills and avoiding my true self, the song was written to shine a light on these feelings that bring us together, a craving for something real.” 

The Franklin Electric recently received a nomination for ‘Breakthrough Group of the Year’ at the Canadian 2018 Juno Awards. Check out an interview with the band on the red carpet in Vancouver here: