Le Trouble release remix of ‘Easy Enough’ by Aléatoire

Le Trouble are proud to release a remix of their song “Easy Enough” by Montreal-based composer/producer Charles-Alain Roy.

Click here to listen to “Easy Enough (Aléatoire Remix)”

Charles-Alain Roy with his solo project „Aléatoire” takes the calmest song off of Le Trouble’s “Making Matters Worse” and dives it into his world of downtempo electronic pop.

After several collaborations with different vocal artists – with which he garnered attention in England, the USA and the Netherlands – the Montreal-based producer and composer takes on the soft and warm voice of singer Michael Mooney. With dark and heavy beats, Aléatoire sheds a new light on Michael Mooney’s voice and erases all melancholia while simultaneously setting a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to press replay!